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Marvel Comics Legend dies at 95 – variant


Stan Lee, who entered the comic renaissance, collaborated with iconic superheroes Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and Ks-Men – characters who made a jump in a movie with often spectacular results – he died on Monday, a lawyer confirmed A variety of. He was 95 years old.

Lee was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Monday after receiving emergency medical care and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

Radying primarily with artist Jake Kirby, Lee – who writes even half a dozen titles or for more than a month – turned Marvel Comics into a poverhouse, with socially relevant stories that talked to young readers in a way that the pattern had not previously had. Those works, which were largely created during wild productive activity in the early sixties, starting with the Fantastic Four, in the arguing and the formerly reluctant superhero team, were part of what became known as the Silver Age of comics.

In the title of Lee, they are written with Spider-Man (with the artist Steve Ditke), Hulk, Ks-Men, Iron Man, Thor, Daredevil, Captain America and Avengers all are turned into main features.

Lee left Marvel – after one of several changes in governance – in 1972, but retained the title president throughout his entire life. Although he was no longer directly involved in the company, Lee received a production of credits – and appeared in performances that always challenged him to laugh from the fans – in Marvel's live actions. He made films in films including "Deadpool 2" and "Guardians of Galaki 2" far ahead of their release, in case he was dissatisfied. He also appeared in other places, such as The Big Bang Theori, inspired by CBS.

Award-winning salesman, Lee also became premier ambassador to the comics industry, who met colleges through personal appearances and interviews. With his great personality, Li remained on the demand and creatively active in his nineties, creating new concepts for animation and TV.

Born Stanley Lieber (and chose his professional name by dividing his name into half), Lee was raised by Jewish immigrant parents in New York. His younger brother, Larry Lieber, became a comics artist.

Through his uncle, the son-in-law of Martin Gudman comics publisher, Lee became an assistant in what was then known as Timeli Comics, which eventually became Marvel.

Lee gradually began to write comic books under the pseudonym Stan Lee, he said in his autobiography, as he wanted to preserve his real name for more serious work, such as novels. (Later, his name changed legally.)

He earned his first prize for Captain's story in 1941. When Kirby and editor Joe Simon left for Goodman, Lee, the then teenager, was proclaimed temporary editor. As Lee told the story, "Martin looked around and said," Hey, do you think you could keep this job until I get an adult? ""

Lee served in the US Army during the Second World War. After that, he led the publishing operation, but was not particularly pleased with the results – he plotted the novel, the monsters and everything that Guдman intended to sell.

Imagining the success of DC Comics, which featured characters such as Batman and Justice League, Goodman allowed Lee to try to create something in the superhero genre. Timing with Kirby, Lee has spawned a new type of hero – harshness, insecurity, even romantic problems. Many were outsiders in a way that young readers could identify themselves.

The direct success of Fantastic Four was the origin of Marvel's new titles – so much so that Lee tried to keep pace. As a consequence (and indeed by necessity), he designed a new, more complex way of working with illustrators: Lee would conceal stories, and then artists would attract them before adding dialog and balloon words based on these images.

As it turned out, this approach was particularly well-done in the use of Kirby's storytelling skills. "He was a really film director who works on comics," he said once.

Lee also falsified an unusual connection with Marvel's readers, updated them in Marvel's publications through editorial documents signed by "Excelsior!". Lee later called the autobiography "The Excelent: The Amazing Life of Stan Lee".

Although Goodman had little respect for the audience reading comics, Marvel began to attract more sophisticated fans and raised the level of dialogue in comics, which Lee explained by explaining: "If a child has to go to a dictionary, that is not the worst thing it could be where are you. "

Despite successful co-operation, Lee and Kirby's relationship did not end up being friendly. Chafing on what he saw as his other status in Marvel, while Li took matters and took center stage, Kirby clung to 1970 and began working for rival DC. It divides many Marvel fans into separate camps, and some loyal Kirby Partisans have a sick will to Leeu.

"A lot of people know Stan Lee's name than Jack Kirby's name," Kirby's daughter Lisa told Los Angeles Times after her father's death. "I do not put Stan Lee's talent, but it's hard for us to see that he dominates the loan."

As claimed by founder of Dark Horse Comics Mike Richardson, "Lee and Kirby were the comics of Lennon and McCartney, and Stan Lee became a famous person in popular culture, and Jack is not."

In 1971, Lee also helped revise the Office of the Comic Book Code, a self-imposed guide to comic book stories introduced in the midst of criticism of the industry in the 1950s. Lee wrote a three-part story in which Spider-Man's best friend, Harry, became addicted to drugs and published those issues without the seal of CCA approval.

Lee's post-marvelous venture was uneven for his earlier career. With lawyer Peter Paul Lee launched his own Stan Lee Media company in 1998, but two years later investigators accused Paul of manipulating stocks. Paul fled to Brazil and was finally extradited to America, pleading guilty to violating SEC rules in 2003 (Lee was never involved in any offenses).

Lee later formed another shingle, Pov! Entertainment, which is listed as "creative giant" on its business card. He continued to create TV, film and games, including animated films directly on DVD under the banner "Stan Lee Presents".

In spite of his continuous relationship with Marvel and a strong relationship with the name, Lee sued the company in 2002, pledging a percentage of profits from TV and film production. It received a settlement worth $ 10 million in 2005.

A subsequent lawsuit against Lee and the company filed by shareholders Stan Lee Media was dismissed in 2011, ending nearly a decade of litigation. Kirby's successors also explored their legal options regarding their father in Marvel's characters he co-created, but the federal court appealed for the 2013 appeal.

Lee sold Pov! Entertainment in Hong Kong, a Camsing International Holding company in 2017, filed a $ 1 billion lawsuit against the company this past May, arguing that business partners used his vision reduction and urged him to sign the exclusive right in his name. In July, he dismissed the lawsuit.

However, this was not the end of Lee's legal turmoil. In August, the judge issued an order to prohibit the protection of Lee from Kei Morgan, a monument collector charged with exploiting close relationships with Li to penetrate art works, cash and other assets worth more than $ 5 million.

For all the successes of Marvel's success in the press, Lee's high profile and animated cartoons (and later the live series) that emerged in the 1960s and '70s, Marvel's Hollywood mainstreaming did not start really until movies like " Men "and the franchise" Spider-Man "of the 2000s. These films and the special effects effects have let go of the current wave of movie comics, which have become some of the biggest moneymakers in the industry.

Extremely energetic even as an oogenic personality, Lee was extremely popular in Hollywood in his later years among the generations of films that appreciated films that grew up reading comic books and carried that passion for the characters of Marvel.

In 2011, Lee teamed up with Ricco Capital Holdings, a Hong Kong merging and shopping boutique as well as Panda Media Partners, a joint venture of Fidelis Entertainment, to create Magic Storm Entertainment to launch new superheroes in China and other Asian territories.

In many of Lee's recognitions, the 2008 National Arts Medals are also included. At that time, he told the National Public Radio that he earned little on the popularity of Marvel's properties in other media such as movies, saying: "It's a monument to the fact that basically, I suppose it was quite commercial stories."

Lee is the winner of the Guild Producers Guild of America's Vanguard Avard, in recognition of achievements in new media and technologies, in January 2012. The documentary "With Strong Power: The Story Lee Story" debuted at Comic-Con 2010 .

Lee's friends included Batman's creator Bob Kane, and Li said in an interview that Kane complained about the success of Varner Bros. films, starting with Batman in 1989. Li jokes that he is sorry that Kane's death in 1998 prevented him from watching the dramatic rise of Marvel's character, which suited him, and in the case of "Spider-Man" temporarily overcame his own.

Lee survives two of his daughters. His wife, nearly 70 years old, Joan, died last year due to complications from a stroke.

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