The photograph taken by NASA's Opportune Rover was turned into a 2-minute musical composition by U.K.

Using Opportunity's 5000th photograph of the Mars exit, scientists at the University of England Ruskin and the University of Eketer awarded the pitch and melody to each pixel in the picture. The technique is known as data sonification.

Domenico Vicinanza from the research group Anglia Ruskin said that the process was using a "really flexible science research technique" and can be used to explore the planet and the atmosphere, as well as weather and discovering volcanic eruptions.

The dark background of the photo creates soft, slow harmonies while the lighter surfaces result in higher sound, according to Press Release.

The whole piece sounds as much as it could describe the source: calm, calm and simply nice.

Vicinanza, together with Genevieve Villiams, at the University of Ekether, represent a piece called Mars Soundscapes at the Supercomputing SC18 conference in Dallas, Texas.

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NASA's Opportunity Rover captured photographs of the Red Planet since 2004, but in the morning, when the dust in the storm stopped the solar energy.

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