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Palliative care for Windows Mobile 10 as a Crimean Field Hospital, but with even less effort • Registry


Comment Although Microsoft officially supports Windows 10 Mobile, each update goes over to new things – and it has reached comic proportions. Or tragic if you still use it.

A man who shoots a foot covered with a Window's Phone image

This Incredible Quality of Microsoft Software, Part 97: Updating Your Windows Phone System Kills Outlook, Calendar


Last Monday, Microsoft's update enabled users to have a grueling Outlook mobile email client. The update was quickly withdrawn, but it left the owners without a mail client in general.

"They barely answered it," one owner told us on Friday. "Several technical support on web forums suggested that this is a memory problem, while others claim they are aware and look for them. The obvious strategy would be to update themselves with the old applications last night."

Microsoft finally acknowledged the problem in building 16006.11001.20083.0 later on Friday, and released an update over the weekend that finally corrected the problem.

But that was not the only problem. The update also interrupted the user interface, leaving the UI elements to overwrite each other. Steve Litchfield at All About About Windows Phone opened the example of the Windows Store application:

Vindovs 10 Mobile Store is corrupt

The user interface of Windows 10 Store is a terrible mess

Pic: Steve Litchfield, © All About Vindovs Phone, used with permission

Litchfield is damned.

"You would think of that with a market cap of nearly trillion dollars and 131,000 employees around the world, that one person, even a trainee or trainee, could be in charge of trying out new client updates for the Store on a real Windows phone? Just one?"

Microsoft's quality control has undergone fierce control lately after pulling up the update on the PC's edition of the Windows XP operating system.

The company allegedly fired many sawmills in 2014.

"The goal is to make this operating system more like stuffed startups," he wrote impressed Ars Technica in that time.

Apparently, no one can be spared to ensure that there is any quality to the end of life-threatening fate. ®

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