Wednesday , May 18 2022

Prince Charles's 70th Birthday to Begin With Private Buckingham Palace's Fun


With a packed schedule, getting to know foreign leaders and community workers, he did business as usual for Prince Charles, after celebrating his 70th birthday.

But the Queen will be hosting tonight's lavish Buckingham Palace for his milestone – as her son is not only the longest offender of the throne in British history, but also the oldest.

She invited kings from all over Europe and families and close friends to a black tie banquet to cover a few days of celebrations.

But before the evening royal extravagance, the Prince of Wales had a lot of obligations.

This morning he was in his London home Clarence House, where he met with former Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga, who was the host when he visited the country in 2016.

A new family photo was announced to mark the birthday of a future king (Clarence House via Getti Images)

After lunch, he met with Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who shows his status and appreciation on the world diplomatic scene.

Later this afternoon he attended a tea reception where he and Duchess Cornwall had a meeting with 70 people who were 70 years nominated for their work in local communities.

The day is typical for the Radkoholic prince, who often puts on at 2 pm and sleeps at the table, as Prince Harry said in the BBC documentary.

Prince Charles on Wednesday (PA)

Prince Philip was not seen in the public engagement of Princess Eugenia's wedding last month – missing last year's memory service – but the 97-year-old will make every effort to celebrate his son's birthday at an evening party.

Charles has good relations with many European kings, including King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway. Most likely he will attend, and Princess Haakon and his wife Princess Mette-Marit are also present.

Белгијски краљ Филип и краљица Матхилде такође ће бити тамо.

Дански принц Фредерик и принцеза Мари потврдили су присуство на дану на данском краљевском сајту. Пар ју је угасио принцом Виллиамом и Катеом, а Фредерик је присуствовао и Харри Инвицтус Гамес у Сиднеју прошлог месеца.

Представљање Холандије биће принцеза Беатрик, бивша краљица Холандије која је абдирала 2013. године. Није познато да ли ће њен син, краљ Виллем-Алекандер и супруга краљица Макима, који су прошлог мјесеца боравили у државној посјети у Великој Британији, бити тамо.

Британски краљеви који присуствују укључују Виллиам и Кате, Харри и Мегхан, Принце Едвард и супругу Софи, Принцеза Анне и муж Тимотхи Лауренце, и војвода Јорк и кћери Беатрице и Еугение.

Такође ће бити представници неке од 420 хуманитарних организација чији је Цхарлес покровитељ или предсједник.

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