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RedShark News – DJI presents the new Cardin Ronin-SC, focusing on the portability of trips


The new DJI gimbal is aimed at the new generation of cameras without mirror and emphasizes lightness and ease of travel, along with some new easy-to-use functions.

You have to say that the cardan market is a busy one, and most of the options are able to do exactly what is supposed to provide a very good camera stabilization. But there are many differences between supply and ease of configuration, weight, battery life and load capacity. Of course, DJI is a world leader in this device and the new Ronin-SC is perfectly suited to those who want to travel light, but do not have to compromise with the camera they use.

With a new generation of complete and unframed cameras, such as Nikon Z 6 and the Panasonic S1 series, the demand for lugs always easier to use and light weight is high.

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Basic specifications

The new cardan weighs 2.4 lbs, which is 41% lighter than the Ronin-S, and has been designed to be easily decomposed for a stowage in a backpack or in a small box. However, DJI claims that the combination of materials used to build it, magnesium, steel, aluminum and composite plastic, is strong enough to resist the rigors or use that will be thrown away.

The engines can face a maximum of 4.4 pounds and the battery will apparently provide around 11 hours of use. The configuration has also been simplified, with locks available on all three axes so that each one can be isolated by a faster and more practical adjustment of the camera's balance. There is also a position blocking system so that if you need to remove the camera, it can be reassembled with a perfect balance almost immediately.

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Ronin-SC includes many of the expected operating modes, such as Sport mode. But DJI has added several new options. Force Mobile, for example, synchronizes the cardan's movement with that of the mobile device to a distance of 82 feet using Bluetooth 5.0.

Active Track 3.0 can select a subject that uses your mobile device so that it will continue. This mode removes the information from the mobile device and sends the information to the Ronin-SC. When the mobile device is mounted on the camera's warm shoe, this means that the cardan can accurately track the subject in question.


Other ways include the virtual joystick, which allows controlling the movement of the cardan from a smartphone, TimeLapse, which is quite self-explanatory, but allows time losses to occur and that it adds some interest to the move of the camera. MotionLapse, which is Hyperlapse by any other name, Motion Control, which allows you to configure 10 different key points for movement paths, then repeat as many times as you like and, finally, Panorama. This allows you to capture still images and then sew them later.


The Ronin-SC is compatible with most cardi DJI accessories, such as Command Unit, DJI Force Pro and DJI Master Wheels.

The device will be available in two flavors. Standard at $ 439, which includes the essential elements to make you work and the Pro Combo, of $ 539, which includes the external focus wheel and the remote stop splitter.

More information on the DJI website.

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