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Reformed side of Manchester United Jose Mourinho faced a final test against Pep Guardiola's Citi


The basic difference between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola comes down to philosophy.

Guardiola implicitly trusts his players with the ball.

Mourinho trusts him.

Superior rivals have much in common.

Both are serial winners and they share good qualities.

Both have a significant ego.

Guardiola may not be described as the "Special One", but he collaborated with writing several books about his success and was a willing participant in the Amazon documentary that catalyzed the record-breaking premier of Manchester Citia in the past season.

No action is more expensive than violet.

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And while Mourinho is neglected for his greetings from three fingers or demands of respecting his ornamental career, the Twitter account, which was administered by Guardiola's Endowment Staff – Pep Team, has for a long time set the list of trophies that has been "on top of his time limit" in the last season entered Citi.

In short, no one has slowly recalled their exceptional achievements.

Similarities continue.

Both are the ultimate authoritarian. The challenge to their power tends to end with one result – is long-time doctor Bayern Munich Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Vohlfahrt or Eva Carneiro in Chelsea.

They can command unshakeable loyalty from one player and bring disdain from the other.

All parts and parts that work at the highest echelons of the game – and that both men proceed at such levels on their own terms, represents the justification required of their methods.

That's why Mourinho's look at the conversion to Manchester United in the past few months looked so significant.

You may have not noticed, but the 55-year-old has changed.

Guardiola is so dogmatic about his approach to football that he is ready to leave his career in a city position a failure, instead of changing his philosophy.

Yes, he is in a privileged position that he can spend in half a billion pounds of the region in order to compile a unit capable of realizing its vision. But his first season in English football was proof that his determination to stubbornly adhere to his principles – even when players are too old or obviously lacking players to play football that has distanced all recent past.

Although the reputation of Mourinho's "Park in the Bus" is exaggerated – and he considered it a terrible conviction of players who have achieved such success under him – it is impossible to suggest that pragmatism does not conquer the romance in which it relates.

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While Guardiola actively encourages players to take risks – to beat a man, want a ball in tight places – Mourinho's game is to remove this risk element.

Everything is in shape, behind the ball, restricting space and avoiding mistakes.

Contrary to the popular belief, Guardiola was certainly obsessed with defending him as Mourinho – he only increases it on the field.

A further further opposition is the goal of the city, which makes it safer.

In the meantime, Mourinho was always pleased with the call for pressure, believing that his defense exercises and organization could limit even the most powerful attacks.

This creates beauty in the way that any craftsman would enjoy his art. The problem is that thanksgiving generations are not divided into Fifa or observe Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but they breathe air.

It is not appreciated by fans of United who have broken teams from the Alex Ferguson series or the world's television audience that left their head hitting after watching heavy metal football Jurgen Kloppa.

It's important that it just will not do when Guardiola produces Sunday magic, weekly on the other side of the city.

And so Mourinho has been in the most conspicuous way over the last few days about his attempts to free the bats.

Maybe it's talking about it now, but it's a process that's been going on since the beginning of the summer.

Those who blindly criticized United prosaic football ignored the composition of their teams during the pregnant start of the campaign, which is decidedly by Guardiola-esque.

In this season it is common for Mourinho to appoint as many as five players who attack in six.

With full back Luke Shav, Ashlei Ioung and Antonio Valencia also encouraged to raise high silence, it was the world of negative thinking. Mourinho has won big matches during the first two seasons at Old Trafford.

Garry Neville described it as "reckless" before Chelsea visited last month, when only Ross Barkley's goal for the injury was robbed by United since his first win at Stamford Bridge since his retirement from Ferguson.

It was a very neu-Mourinho way to blow points – and United's defense decision was the biggest victim of reinvesting their manager.

He acknowledged so much for the first time when he was received by his side was lucky not to be five goals in a 2-1 win against Bournemouth last weekend.

Pep Guardiola happy after Manchester City win 6-0 against Shahtar

Such honesty was well received by United fans, who appreciated the efforts of their manager to give them the excitement they were shouting.

If it was a PR move, it was perfectly executed – it comes in particular ahead of the potential Sunday season, with trips to the champions of Italy and England.

Cynics could say that this was a populist move to buy time, but another victory against Juventus was not the result of a lack of ambitions, no matter how late it came to Turin.

United also met his luck. Juve hit twice in the wood industry and threw away two great rescue from David de Gea.

However, Mourinho's determination to change his style underlined his acknowledgment that he believes that the defense strategy is the first and still effective way to win the title in the era of Guardiola.

"Oh yes, it's, oh, yes it is," he said. "And you have many examples of teams that do this. You have many, many examples.

"I just think that (football attacks) is a way to develop a team in a particular direction we want to try to get out of."

On Sunday, against the scary city line, the "new" Mourinho will face the heaviest test of his decision.

But so United United fans who have been rhetoric "just want a good football".

In reality, fans want to get football – that's good.

How do they react if United at the end of a tough defeat makes a fascinating look compared to, say, 0-0 by drawing a spring two seasons ago.

Mourinho, however, gave a brave allegation of what fans can expect.

Shaken by appearances in Chelsea and Juve, he said: "We want to go to every stadium, and it's not important team and we play.

"If they are better than us, they win, and if they have more potential than us, they win." If we make mistakes and we pay for errors that lose, but I want a feeling, it does not matter where we are going, we are going to compete and it's a feeling Manchester United fans Worldwide they want to have.

"That feeling of switching to television has no bearing on where to play, they know that we will compete. We will lose matches, but that feeling we play, we are trying to win."

The re-imagination of Jose Mourinho will make an intriguing look, whether football is fun or not.

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