Saturday , May 8 2021

Rooney is excited to see what "fearless" England can do

Burton-on-Trent – Wayne Rooney it will end up as the last forgiveness England the greatest shooter in a friendly match against United States on Thursday, but is excited that the young team can achieve under the "fearless" coach Gareth Southgate in the coming years.

Rooney, 33, made the latest of his 119 international performances half way through a qualification campaign in England two years ago.

Unlike his prime minister when the "golden generation" was disappointed in major tournaments and never managed to go out of the quarter-finals, Southgate's prices surpassed expectations by doing so in the semifinals of the World Championship for the first time in 28 years in Russia .

"No fear," Rooney said when asked what Southgate made apart from the other five England men he played. "Because many other managers did not really give young people the opportunity to express themselves and get into the team and have an impact."

Rooney insisted that he did not regret retirement from international football a year before the World Cup, but admitted that he was surprised how quickly Sautgate matured candidates to be world champions.

"Two years ago I saw the talent we had with young players," he added. "I believed that those players, maybe not the World Cup, but the one who was good enough to get there after that, they showed me so wrong at this World Cup."

England played a momentum from their World Cup campaign by claiming their first home defeat at home in Spain for 15 years in a thrilling 3-2 win in Seville last month.

If men Enrique Leu does not give up on their victory in Croatia on Thursday, England will have the chance to advance to the semifinals in the Inaugural League of Nations by defeating the Croats at Vembel on Sunday.

& # 39; Excited & # 39;

However, the long-term goal remains a success in Euro 2020, with additional incentives for the semifinals and finals to be played at Vembley.

"I myself, with all of you guys (media), think that the team is growing and getting better, I am excited to see them on the next tournament," added Roonei.

While the former striker of Everton and Manchester United dropped a curtain into their career in England, Southgate has the opportunity to test some of them at the end of the other end of their international career against the states.

Jadon Sanchez, 18, is fine for his first start after playing in Borussia Dortmund's 3-2 victory over Bayern Munich on Saturday.

Sam Roonei entered the international scene as an 18-year-old at Eurosport, but admitted he did not always enjoy his England career the way he should be after that tournament, taking into account the burden of expectation that he will do it.

"When you are in that regime, you do not want to admit that there is pressure to execute. I immediately returned and I can analyze that there was that pressure," he added.

"That's why you'll be too busy and too intrepid, so do not enjoy it as much as you need. You play your best football and best performance when enjoying playing and winning."

And Roonei is convinced that this generation can succeed where he failed to win the first major trophy of England since 1966 if they maintain a free spirit that they showed during the summer.

"Enjoy it, it's a great honor in your career. Probably the best honor you can have," she said when asked to give tips to the current team.

"It will not always be good, every tournament or every game, but as long as you try to learn and be sure that you are one of the players who can try to return the trophy to England, which has long been a long time ago."

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