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Scientific news: Scientists bring LIFE to a 28,000-year-old cell: "You can still produce" Science | News


An international team of researchers tried to give birth to the old cells in a similar way that movie fans have seen in the great success of Jurassic Park in 1993. The research, conducted at the Kindai University in Japan , saw that the five cells caused a biological reaction after being transplanted into the mouse embryo. However, despite the illusions and dreams of those who want science to return to life to extinct animals, there has not been the necessary process to clone a living being, cell division.

The researchers participating in the study are positive and can be further advanced in the field.

Kei Miyamoto, from Kindai University, told AFP: "This suggests that, despite the years gone by, cellular activity can still happen and parts of it can be recreated.

"So far, many studies have focused on analyzing the DNA and not if they continue to work."

But other field experts annul the hopes that a mammoth as we know will never be cloned.

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Evolutionary molecular biologist Dr. Beth Shapiro told Daily Star Online: "It depends on what you are willing to accept as a mammoth.

"If you want something that is identical to 100% in a genetic and physiological behavior of an organism that used to be alive, and the answer is never. This will never happen.

"Environments have changed where the animal will grow. The animal will develop into the egg or belly of another species.

"They will be raised by another species.

"Even if we achieve that something that is genetically identical to 100% of an extinct species, which we can not do, is nothing more than the DNA sequence.

"We are all a product in terms of the environment we live in and of the DNA we inherit from our parents."

However, Dr. Shapiro acknowledged that it might be possible in the future to have a different and more modern version of a recreated mammoth with the help of science.

He said: "If you are willing to accept a lightly hairy elephant like a risen mammoth, then that could happen someday.

"However, technology is still a long way off – we must transform an elephant cell published in a real elephant that lives breathing, which is part of a mammoth.

"And the gestation of the elephant is two years. And then he must grow. Therefore, you can create your own timeline based on that. "

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