Friday , May 20 2022

Sophia Floersch Formula 3 video: driver says it's "good"


Sophia Floersch was raised in the air before hitting a fence at a race in China.

It was a terrifying sight on the Formula 3 race in Macau, China, after Sofia's 17-year-old driver, Floersch, came out of the ground and crashed into a fence outside the runners.

While approaching the slow right-turn, the Floersch car lost control. She was near the side railroad as she approached the turn much faster than any other runner. On her side, another car appeared on which Flersch contacted before it came into the air and fired.

She suffered a fracture of the spine in an accident, and three others were injured in the incident.

Floersch, who just moved into Formula 3 from Formula 4 in 2018, tweeted that it was "OK" and would have an operation on Monday.

Floersch was 22nd in Formula 3 that entered the race.

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