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Stan Lee believed the comics were there to stay – with the help of smart phone books

Maybe he went, but the world he created with the blows of his imagination will live forever. Stan Lee believed that his universe of superheroes and super-villains would continue to entertain people all over the world, making their heritage eternal.

In a rare interview with the Indian media as early as 2016, Stan Lee opted to change over time, with his fascination with Indian culture and the desire to continue creating new characters.

"I think there will always be people who prefer to read traditional comic book comics," Stan Lee told IANS via email when they asked him about movies that have wonderful comics among today's youth.

A legend from the comic book world that helped establish a new era of superhero storytelling, Stan Lee died in Los Angeles on Monday in the year 95 – making it difficult for people to take sad news and pause to acknowledge his extraordinary contribution to the entertainment world.

He was best known for collaborating with Marvel's beloved superheroes such as Spider-Man, Ks-Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Daredevil, Black Panther and Doctor Strange.

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Despite focusing on creating a fantastic world, Lee was always ahead of time, rooted in reality, and accepted the changes – as evidenced in his work and his thinking.

"It's great to see a lot of options there with new digital platforms that can allow anyone to read comics or watch these characters at all times.

"Whether a person is young or older, comics can appeal to everyone. People who love comics will still read them, despite the fact that popular movie adaptations have become," she added an icon, which is responsible for making a sense of reality in the life of superheroes with complex emotional story.

He added: "Smartphones are a great advance in the comics industry, allowing people to access comics instantly and at any time. I think this kind of advancement in technology will do great things for the world of comics."

Born as Stanley Lieber, Stan Lee began his career in 1939 as a boy at Timeli Comics, which was later taken over by Marvel. Soon he began writing and working as a writer, editor, and casual illustrator.

He picked up the "Stan Lee" pseudonym with his debut comic book "Captain America Foils the Revenge of the Traitor", and later brought his legal name. There was no returning.

"I love my work and I feel happy to do what I do," he said.

Stan Lee worked as an editor, publisher, media producer, television host, actor and former president and president of Marvel Comics.

In 2001, Stan Lee, together with Gill Champion and Arthur Lieberman, formed POV! (Purveiors of Wonder) Entertainment for the development of film, television and video games.

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And as president and chief creative officer POV! Fun, Lee has created several new characters and stories. He also became famous for his performances in Marvel films.

"I am open to any kind of chamber houses (in Bollivood superhero movie). I like to try various things I've never done before … And I plan to make characters with my POV company Fun," he said in an interview with IANS.

He also expressed his fascination with India and how he understood the culture while he made the Indian superhero Chakra.

"I've always been intrigued by Indian culture, it's so philosophical and rich in tradition, this is the first superhero I'm creating especially for the Indian market, so this is a new and exciting experience for me," he added, adding that it is great to show the diversity and "the world will be ready for a Bollywood superhero."

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