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Monday, November 5, 2018, at 08:50 GMT +3


DC United striker Vaine Rooney [Courtesy]

Peter Shilton has accused the Football star of "giving off his caps" after Vaine Rooney received a forgiveness for Vemblai.

Shilton, the third league, a 125-player record player, says the decision is "shocked" and considers it a big mistake to steal a young player.

Former England captain Rooney (33) will receive a 120th cap and a chance to say goodbye to the US on November 16, but this move has provoked severe criticism over the devaluation of the honor of playing for England.

Shilton, 69, for Mirror Sport: "I was shocked when I read it and I'm still trying to understand the decision. It's been two years since the last game, Wayne, England is on the new door and they just had a great World Cup, but they came back with this.

Rooney will receive a 120th cap and a chance to say hello USA November 16th [Courtesy]

"That does not mean that Wayne does not deserve recognition, but gives him a presentation, not just leaving his hat, which is wrong, but also denies a young player.

"I do not agree with that, it should be the greatest honor and reward for my country, but the reality is that MLS is not even close to the same level as the Premier League.

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"Vaine Rooney ended with England, Gareth Southgate continued and I do not agree with it at all. To really give him a game in what English is really England, it's totally wrong, in my opinion."

England's boss Southgate will call Rooney on Thursday in the US match and capture the International National Team of Croatia with Croatia three days later.

Rooney will not be captain, but he will be training with the team, coming in as a substitute against the US, and the funds will go to his charity game called Vaine Rooney Foundation.

But, as Shilton points out, it is in danger of devaluating the importance of caps, and Premier League managers rightly claim that if FA do not take serious friends anymore then why should they.

This caused a return despite Rooney claiming to be a "particularly special" moment to invite him to Vembla because of the famous English excuses.

Former Manchester United star Rooney, now in DC United, said: "I am really humiliated and extremely excited to play again for England at Vemblai. I would like to thank Gareth Southgate and The FA for calling for return and assistance in support of my Foundation in this process.

"Playing for England was the greatest honor of my career – so winning my 120th and final cap is a special moment for me. It's good that the match will be against the US and I hope that both fans will enjoy the game.

"I was impressed by the progress of this young English team, and I hope that while I and the team will be able to transfer some of my experience, trying to help others is now my special focus through my Foundation.

"I was fortunate to enjoy a long and successful career with a large number of people who help me realize my dreams. The foundation allows me to bring back some four charity purposes, all of which have an important job."

Southgate said: "The relationship between FA and former England players is something that has always been very important for me.

"Thanks to the legend Three Lions, it was a big part of our trip with this current group of young players and Vaine Rooney is an extremely important part of that history.

"This gift to Vejn is a unique opportunity to complement the record-breaking shooter of our nation.

"We are happy that the circumstance has made it possible for us to formally acknowledge Vaine's great contribution to England in front of the Vemblai group and against opposing opponents in view of the recent effect that he has made in the MLS.

"We are all looking forward to the event and we support many good reasons through the Vaine Roonei Foundation."

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