Thursday , October 6 2022

The mobile phone gives force for rape



Midlands Reporter
The 34-year-old golden penny from Shurugi, who left his cell phone after raping a 17-year-old girl, was given 20 years in prison.

Panner, whose name was rejected to protect the identity of her underage victim, appeared before the Gver Regional Magistrate, Mrs Phathekile Msipa, who faced two counts of rape.

He pleaded not guilty to both counts, but was convicted after a full trial.

The court learned of the juvenile that the rapist, after learning that in her menstrual cycle, continued to remove her dresses and pillows before raping her twice – once in the hallway, and the second time in her room, Old Aunt Sleeps.

"The Accused was sentenced to 20 years in prison after convicting two counts of rape," Msipa said.

"The accused convicted the girls and even raped her when she was in her menstrual period and therefore deserves a lengthy term of imprisonment.

"He was sentenced to 20 years in prison, of which 5 years was suspended on condition of good behavior".

In his defense, the man told the court that he had given her a mobile phone to the appellant, so she could sell it to collect money to go to the salon.

On April 13, around 6 am, the state case was lodged at home with the aunt, who is also a minor.

The court heard that on the following day around 19:00 the complainant was at home outside the house in the fireplace with the aunt who prepared dinner.

The hearer, the court heard, was also in front of his fire.

The uncle of the complainant and the rapist are tenants in the same house.

The court heard that the aunt's aunt was taken to bed before dinner was ready.

The complainant later completed the preparation of the dinner and took cooking utensils into the house.

As she went into her room, the man followed her, lowered her to the floor, and told her that she wanted to meet her before threatening to stab her with a knife she held if she screamed.

The accused raped her once, even after finding out that she was in her menstrual cycle, and left her lying on the floor.

The appellant went to his room and when he wanted to close the door, he returned before throwing it on the floor.

He once again raped the complainant in the presence of his aunt.

The court heard that after rape, he went outside finding out that he had dropped his cell phone.

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