Saturday , October 1 2022

The old team files of the storm hero are adopting the former deputy for unpaid wages


Five ex-Naventic members filed a complaint in August, attempted to handle legal documents 14 times before reaching the owner James Ross Elliot II

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Five former members of a professional sports team of Heroes de la Tempesta have finally filed a lawsuit against their former owner, James Ross Elliot II, alleging that the soldiers and the soldiers Unpaid prizes are paid out of time in the team.

According to Dotesports, Ken "Kenma" Buechter, Christopher "zuna" Buechter, Sammuel "bigempct" Hua, Thomas "Tomster" Maguire and Josh "bkid" Choi were members of the team Heroes of the Storm Naventic at various points Between February 2016 and August 2017 with Elliot as the owner of the team. After a series of late and eventually missing payments to team players and various periods of difficult or completely impossible to contact, Elliot disappeared from the April 2017 team. In August of this year, Naventic was sold to a new owner. . Shortly after, the team dissolved completely.

The five players initially filed a complaint against Elliot in August last year, but could not handle legal documents for a while due to a tracking problem. Dotesports says judicial documents were finally used at the beginning of this month after 14 failed attempts to do so.

The lawsuit alleges that Elliot owes five $ 55,125 in unpaid wages, in addition to unpaid tournament prizes, and the interest of both. In addition, the lawsuit states that the money they had to go to the players went to the personal expenses of Elliot and that Elliot did not pay state taxes for Naventic.

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