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The Sunset Overdrive mouse controls are terrible


TFV The best option for a PC shooter is a gamepad.

Tested on:

As we talk about the long-lasting port, we will not run full benchmarks, but here's what I did on short testing.

PROCESSORS: Intel i7-5960Ks
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 980 Ti
RAM: 32 GB
OS: Windows 10

Sunset Overdrive should be a perfect PC game. First published on Xbox One in 2014, it is blissed out on the open parkour vorld that sits on Jet Set Radio overly future future aesthetic and trick-based moving system with a large number of weird weapons.

Like a noisy mummy shooter throwing enemy hordes on a player from every direction, the ability to accurately target while grinding, building, refusing or any absurd combination of the above requires 100%. Perfect. Easy. The mouse is made just for that. The big auto-target system was included with the original Xbox One Edition to compensate for the lack of speed and precision of the joystick, which prompted hope for a possible version of the computer with the perfect, eternal goal of a mouse that we love so much.

Bummer, because the mouse control is completely destroyed in the computer version. I'm sorry to say that the gamepad is currently the best way to play Sunset Overdrive, PC.


The goal of the mouse seems to be attached to a virtual joystick, and not a perfect 1: 1 pixel is the perfect goal we consider to be the standard. It's hard to say exactly how it goes from a mouse reading and interpreting without examining it under the cover, but it's pretty obvious that something is wrong. The direction of mouse movement points to the direction of the game, which leads to rigid movements. And since the mouse input is probably filtered through an emulated rod, the cursor targeting speed is also limited. Move your mouse as fast as you like, but this cursor can only crawl as the maximum viewing speed is programmed. Turning the sensitivity of the mouse helps a bit, but exacerbates jumps and jumps. Try not to pull it.

This is not to downplay players who like gamepad, but accessibility goes in both ways. Mouse control is a preferred method for many people, and therefore there is a reason that publishing a computer in any game that includes and benefit from the mouse's aim should not be focused on the bed in this regard. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

VIDEO: Mouse control with limited and unused framerates.

I started with an unskilled fretter because it's an old game that was launched on dated hardware, so I realized if the option is turned on, which means I'll be able to easily break 60 fps. Not like that.

Perhaps something is wrong with adjusting unused framerates right now, since I have decent equipment and the fummer is still stuck around 60 without many significant crops. With the freerat freed, I expect fluctuations, but this is not the case. It seems that the target of the mouse is also affected by the framerate, because they are too expensive too expensive without a lid.

In the second half of the video, I limited the 60 fps in game settings, and while the mouse's target was still rigid and unnatural, the cursor movement was very smooth. If you absolutely must play with the mouse and you can not wait for a potential repair that allows raw mouse input, limit it to 60.

Just to make sure that I did not see things, I tried to control the mouse on another computer with a better GPU and CPU and had the same problems. Uncapped framerates still stuck around 60 frames per second and led to the same target of a lurking mouse.

The reviews of early Steam reflect my problems, although some players are more willing to deal with the designs than me.

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It's a huge bumer because it's Insomniac Games we're talking about. These are programmers of Ratchet and Clank games, a series known for creative weapons types and this is our first chance to use the mouse to play with them.

One of the first pistols ejected from the records that are removed from the surfaces and repelled between bad guys. Later, you get the launch bowl called The Dude, and the other that distributes corrosive acid sprayers.

Disrespect transmits the rest of the presentation. Poor guys are entertainers who drink the evil worms made by an idiot corporation that transforms them into zombies. The characters get to know the dramatic screen and joke and taglings. Brash guitar riffs follow almost every action.

Sunset Overdrive is one of the Oh no games, borders and saturn pop culture at the surface level that refers to street art and boss confidence to establish their dazzling identity, love or hate. So confident that I can not help but feel the first.

My stupid desire to swim in bad jokes and rugged colors makes the control problems of the mouse even more tragic. How can I really appreciate Dated Breaking Bad references if I feel awkward because of poor mouse control? I hope that there is a repair soon.

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