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The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense invests 1 million pounds in rolled-up satellite technology & # 39;

DIDCOT, United Kingdom – The cash injection will see Oxford's Space Systems (OSS) developing their antenna technology called "rib wrapped" to be used in various civil and defense applications. Developed in response to the high cost of placing loads in space, the technology is based on a compound that specializes in carbon fiber that can be launched in a compact and lightweight structure, but which is developed to form a structure of several meters once in space. The investment, which will be used to increase technology, represents the largest contract with a provider for the first time for the MOD's Defense and Security Accelerator (DASA). The ministry says it will make the United Kingdom the first European country with a capacity for a proven drop-down satellite antenna, reports The Engineer. Continue reading the original article

The Aerospace smart takes:

January 30, 2019-The United Kingdom Department of Defense and Space Systems take an interesting approach – the carbon fiber – to reduce the weight in its satellite "rib wrapped". The light satellite is intended to operate in low Earth orbit and use the Synthetic Opening Radar to provide weather observation in real time for civilian and defense purposes.

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