Thursday , October 6 2022

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We're pretty sure this is the case Thing It started … And that's it not Finish well for people (or dogs) involved. IFL Science reports that scientists studying an ice sheet in Antarctica on the southern pole revealed a hotspot that caused a huge portion of the leaf.

Published in scientific reports and led by researchers with the British Antarctic Survey, the study used radar data to be seen deep below the surface of the ice sheet. The "anomaly of geothermal flux" discovered by the data affects an area of ​​about 62 kilometers long and 32 miles wide, which continues to appear warmer, although scientists say that losing Antartica in the near future is not worrying. It is believed that the cause of melting is the combination of radioactive walls and hot water that comes from the depth below the ice.

Credit: British Antarctic Survei / Tom Jordan

"This was a really exciting project, exploring one of the last completely untapped regions on our planet," said lead author Dr. Tom Jordan in a statement. "Our results were completely unexpected, because many think that this region of Antarctica was made of ancient and cold rocks, which had little effect on the ice sheet above. We show that even in the ancient continental interior, basic geology can have a significant impact on ice. "

The hot spot probably was there for thousands, if not millions of years ago, and scientists say it's probably not the only one. "We conclude that the anomalies of local geothermal flux could be more prevalent in eastern Antarctica," the authors wrote in a published study. "An assessment of their impact on the dynamics of subglacial hydrology and ice sheets requires new detailed geophysical observations, especially in areas of candidates for deep ice drilling and at the beginning of large ice streams."

If it is not The Thing, maybe it is one of those deep sea portals from which the kaai exits? Perhaps, instead of the Space Force, we should get this Pacific Rim Jaeger program started … Just in case.

Image Credit: Henrik Thorburn – CC BI 3.0

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