Sunday , February 28 2021

Tim Cook says Apple plans to participate in the & # 39; Cable Package & # 39; with AirPlay 2, original content and more.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has commented today on the opportunities Apple sees in the video market, although it refused to provide details about the company's specific plans.

Cook said Apple sees "big changes" that take place in the client's behavior, which the company expects to "accelerate as it passes the year." Specifically, Cook said that Apple expects an acceleration of the breakdown of the cable package. "I think it will probably take place at a much faster rate this year," he said.

Apple plans to "participate in this" in several ways, including Apple TV, which offers support for applications so that customers can watch television content on a regular basis, and AirPlay 2, which will soon support third-party TVs. Cook said Apple is "thrilled" by the expansion of AirPlay 2 Compatibility with third-party television companies because it will make the experience with people who use Apple products in the room to be "even better."

Cook said third-party video subscriptions available in the App Store provide another opportunity for Apple to "speed up in the future," as customers are likely to buy several services and, finally, Cook pointed out Apple's own work on the original content.

Finally, original content, where we will participate. We have signed a multi-year alliance with Oprah. Today I'm not very willing to extend this conversation beyond this point. We have hired some people who are very trusted and are working hard. Further on we will have more information about it.

Rumors have suggested that Apple is working on a full-service television service to distribute both the original content and the content of third-party vendors such as HBO and STARZ. At least some of the content that Apple is creating could be available for free, and it is said that Apple plans to integrate the service and the new television programs into its television application.

Apple has more than two dozen original television programs in the works, many of which are in the launch stages, and it will probably start shooting with a nearby shoot. Apple has also bought movies and ink deals with the talent of the industry known as Jason Katims and Justin Lin.

Apple intends to have its television service in real time for a launch in mid-April, and has been telling its launch partners to prepare for this date. A real throw could come around this target date.

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