Sunday , May 16 2021

Top musician died at home, decomposed body discovered after 2 months

Musician Brian Rusike of Ruva Rangu of Glory died nearly two months before his decommissioning body was discovered on Tuesday this week at his Gunhill house in Harare, where he allegedly lived alone.

Although post mortem was yet to be done, the family suspected it was a stroke or a heart attack that occurred around 14 September.

Brian's cousin Kelly Rusike, who said he would not be able to attend a funeral work in his base in Spain, said he also received such information.

"Yes, they obviously say two months … I am currently working in Spain, so I will not be able to return home in time," he said.

Brian's remains, allegedly, were discovered by a friend who failed to catch him and had to jump over the pre-cast wall.

Kelly said that Brian's wife, who is headquartered in the United Kingdom, was expected to recall last night before a funeral scheduled for tomorrow in his family house in Demi, Seka.

NevsDai Life & Stile understands that the deceased Russians were separated from their spouse, who now lived in the UK with two children.

The mourners were assembled at 14155 Sauer Road in Gunhill, Harare.


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