Tuesday , July 5 2022

Uber launches a helicopter service in New York, expands the "not talking" rides throughout the country


(CNN / AP) – Uber presented new options on Tuesday, including an extension of car travel and a helicopter service called "Uber Copter."

Uber launches a new helicopter service between the JFK and the Manhattan International Airport. (Source: Uber / CNN)

However, "Uber Copter" attractions are only available in New York City.

Another capture: customers who have achieved the status of platinum and diamond are eligible only for the company's benefit programs.

There is only one available route, between JFK International Airport and a heliport in Lower Manhattan.

Lucky passengers traveling to Uber Futuristic helicopters will travel in about half an hour.

But it will not be cheap. A single trip costs about $ 200.

Uber Copter is part of the company's drive towards flying cars, which is expected to launch in Dallas, Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia, in 2023.

The service will finally be marked under the name of "Uber Air".

Also on Tuesday, the giant who came on foot launched "comfort" walks at the national level.

A minimum amount of legroom for cars under 5 years is guaranteed and you can use the application to indicate drivers who do not want to talk.

Comfort trips cost 20% to 40% more time and distance than standard Uber strolls.

In May, the company launched "silent mode" in its premium Uber Black and Uber SUV trailer services.

Users can now select a "comfort" trip from a list of options, including Uber Pool, UberX, Uber Black and UberXL.

Uber says that it responds to the requests of business travelers and other pilots.

The measure could help Uber to increase revenues, which could bring the company closer to profitability.

Uber has not yet obtained any profits and lost $ 1 billion during the first quarter of 2019. Managers have said that it might take years to get benefits.

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