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Vicky Pattison recognizes the arrest after the "night fight" is "the lowest moment"


Vicky Pattison was aborted to be arrested for assaulting two women in a nightclub, saying he was "one of the lowest moments" of his life.

The first that I am a famous queen of the jungle said that it had become a "shadow of my old self" around the moment when he came out with a bounce and a goalkeeper with his shoes at a bar in Newcastle in 2013

After the incident, Pattison returned to his mother's house, where he was later arrested after a police fence.

Speaking with the new fabulous podcasts, the things that I said to my daughter with Lisa Snowdon, the former star of Geordie Shore, 31, said: "There have been some moments when my mother did not I'm in agreement with the things I did.

Vicky has talked about his "lowest moment"

"This, without a doubt, was one of the lowest points in our relationship and my mental health was very low.

"It was one of the lowest moments of my life."

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Selections from the Showbiz editor

Pattison, who later was accused of two assault charges, said: "I was low and demoralized and sensitive.

"I faced the best I did with the series (from Geordie Shore) we did in Australia, but when I returned to Newcastle I had to do it."

Pattison pointed to the MTV regime, which threatened to plunder it if it did not comply with its strict shooting program for the reality television series Geordie Shore.

Vicky knew he had to change

He revealed: "Six weeks later, they wanted us to return home.

"And I remember saying no, I know that I needed time for me to understand what happened and why I happened.

"I was a shadow of my old self.

"They said well, they take the time … we will only replace you."

Vicky Pattison will appear at Celebrity Masterchef

Pattison was ordered to perform 180 hours of unpaid work and pay compensation of 4,000 pounds sterling to the student-part-time model Hannah Kelso, who hit her shoe in 2014.

The loss of his life had become massively and later this year, Pattison left Geordie Shore.

Of an altercation of the disco, he said: "I was so drunk and so unhappy that I did not even recognize the magnitude of what he had done."

Vicky felt worse for wear at an airport

Pattison's mother, Carroll, who joined her on the podcast, said the police that came to her family to arrest her daughter was "one of the worst nights in my life."

"I will never forget," he said.

"They are very heavy, very very heavy." Where is this? Where is your room? Where is this? We need to find her shoes. You hid them ".

"I've never had the police in my house and I was in shock. They talked horribly, they talked horribly. It was absolutely horrible.

"I have a lot of respect for the police and I think they do a job, but I was in shock."

Vicky Pattison caused concern about his behavior

Carroll added: "They put her handcuffed and they took her out. I just broke. I was crying on the floor.

"It was the most horrible thing that I had to see and follow. It was horrible, the police brought me my lord.

"This is the first time we talk about this reality. I felt as useless as a mother. You want to protect your own.

"I did not know the story or what happened or anything."

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