Thursday , August 11 2022

Vinki D gets video right … But track … – Nehanda Radio


Bongani Ndlovu

Zimdancehall musician Vinki D's new paper bag paper bag was featured for many people, but he gamble with a hip hop song that tracks music video seems to be a return.

Video for
The video for "Paper Bag" Vinki D is premiere on Trace Africa, and produced by SOS.

The video was premiered last week at Trace Africa, and produced by SOS.

The video of Vinki D shows a high-life life as a rich gangster, with beautiful women, a private jet, Maibach and bags filled with cash, a US dollar in particular, scarce goods in Zimbabwe. This is in line with what most hip-hop artists do.

Music video is of high quality and is set to be on international music channels such as Trace Africa.

It's fresh air and drastic improvement from the previous music videos released by Vinki D. Runaway hit Disappear was a song of the moment some time ago and when the music video was released, the fans were very disappointed. They believed that the President of the Ninja did not think about it because he was one-dimensional and bland.

Another song recently, Ngirozi featuring Vabati VaJehova was also a favorite fan and when the music video was released, most were bitterly disappointed.

So for Vinka D to release such a refreshing music video plus is for Gafa and maybe finally he can go to the African market and become famous.

Zimbabwe has dominated for a long time, and its name is well-known everywhere, but its talent should be displayed throughout Africa.

But there is catch, instead of having a great song and not such a great music video, with Paper Bag, Vinki D has not such a great song and great music video.

Vinki D tried his hand in Trap music, a hip-hop form that likes Migos and Cardi B, but for many of his fans this does not suit his style.

The song was produced by a test and reliable conqueror Oskid who is behind Disappear hits. They hear it, they say, as a square stick in a round hole; It does not fit well.

It would be a good thing to work with a hip hop artist on the track to better relate to style than I was at the time.

However, some believe that Vinki D is very versatile and he proved it with the track that he is better than any hip-hop artiste in Zimbabwe.

Some have urged hip hop artists to take notes from President Ninjas who did one better than them, as his music video has that "thing" that is missing in most of their music videos.

Others suggest that Vinki D should enter the Winter Hip Hop Award and be named the best male artist of the year.

The fans will have a new song, but in the end they will dance in clubs.

Ventilators know that Vinki D has a sleeve in his sleeve and it's time to free the monster and why the fans pray that he released a quality video. Chronicle

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