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Warframe gets a new expansion and history in 2019


Cover 12 is another expansion of Fortuna that will bring a new event and none, while The New War will be the next chapter in the history of Warframe. You are developing three new Warframes and all the planned additions should arrive spring 2019.

Developers at Warframe Digital Extremes have shared information about content launches planned in 2019 in their latest real-time transmission. Content updates will arrive every quarter of 2019 with the first scheduled for the spring of 2019.

Currently, Digital Extremes works on three new Warframes and two of them have been shown live. The first is the name of Hyldren who uses his own coat of arms to emit skills that include team enthusiasts and attack damage. Hyldren exercises heavy weapons and is a technical Warframe.

The second Warframe that was mentioned is called Wisp. Unfortunately, the developers have not shared much information, but have promised to talk more about one of the live broadcasts.

Spring 2019 will also be a launch date for a new expansion called Deck 12 – Exploiter. Once again, the developers did not enter in details but described the expansion as an event and "a light bomb" with a new head.

Gas City will receive a full review in the coming months with aesthetic wash and a new gameplay. The update will add new types of enemies, game adjustments and reward structures. "It's not just a new coat of paint in the city of Gas. There are many really exciting things to do there, win them there and learn about history there," explains the developers.

Lift upimage that shows concept warframe artsConceptual arts of new content

Daily alerts and challenging missions will return to work on the Wolf of Saturn event. According to the design director, Scott McGregor, the new system will be a set of daily and weekly challenges combined in the story explained through animated comics in the game.

Developers also give some light on The New War, which is the new Warframe story that continues from The Sacrifice. They showed a new conceptual art that shows a huge ship. Feeling that it consumes smaller vessels.

For the summer of 2019, Digital Extremes plans the already announced Railjack update that will allow players to pilot spacecraft, participate in dog fights and send their crew aboard the enemy ships.

And finally, however, no less important, fall 2019 will bring a new enemy faction Plans de Duviri. Devs shared the concept of the early concept and at this time this is the only information they have revealed.

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