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Who will be the shock that enters WWE Royal Rumble 2019?


The Royal Rumble is the most unforeseen game of the entire WWE and every year it is always surprising.

The clock is calculated, ringing sounds and fans around the world are guessing "who will it be?"

Then, a classic entry song or a song you do not recognize, there is a moment of tension, and the crowd explodes.

The contest of elimination of the upper string of 30 men or 30 women is known for their impact debates and impressive returns.

Mirror Sport, John Isherwood, takes a look at his crystal ball to launch some possible surprises and rumors of 2019.

WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne

1. Pete Dunne

The current UK WWE champion entering Rumble would be another historic time for Pete Dunne.

After becoming the title holder of the longest and most current title of the WWE, he starred as a victorious team at NXT TakeOver: War Games and settled as a linchpin of NXT UK, it is fair to say that the Bruiserweight of Birmingham van enjoy a stellar 2018.

An appearance on Rumble, along with a good ring race to protect his reputation, would be great for him and, of course, would give more exposure to the new NXT UK brand.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to SmackDown Live

2. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

The rumors have been pointing that the times of injury in relation to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn may be slightly exaggerated. With Owens changing his Twitter control to "Soon … ish", it seems that there is the possibility that the former WWE Universal Champion be slightly ahead of schedule for a return.

His Zayn accomplice has been more vocal on Twitter: more text, less cat photos and, apparently, has been training at the Florida Performance Center. With at least 10 points open to the man of the Rumble, it is likely that the Yep movement will only make a return to Phoenix.

Velveteen Dream

3. Velveteen Dream

According to Mirror Sport, and undoubtedly seen by many followers of WWE on Twitter, there is something mysterious in Velveteen Dream, the highlighted young person from NXT.

The use of social networks by many WWE talents has really increased a team at the end. Realistic or "shot" elements begin and Dream's recent comments about us "knowing their value" and their exclusion from the NXT TakeOver card: Phoenix has talked a lot about his future.

The prodigy of 23 years, his true name of Patrick Clark, is destined to the great moment and a debut of Rumble could definitely establish it in this way.

Victoria WWE Women Champion

4. Victoria

The Royal Rumble women's tournament returns for a second year and the field is not completely complete.

There is still room for adding Becky Lynch to the combination, if he fails to defeat the SmackDown Asuka women's champion before nightfall, and there will also be NXT calls.

Still, there is always a place or two for the legend and with Victoria, a two women female WWE champion, announcing that 2019 will be her last year at the ring, a Swansong in the Rumble would be a good way to start its final year in the business, almost a decade since it left the company.

Batista at SmackDown 1000 with Evolution

5. Batista

Batista made his return to the WWE at SmackDown 1000 in October together with his friends of Evolution Triple H, Randy Orton and Ric Flair, when the seeds were planted for a match with HHH during an incendiary promotion in ring.

The animal, who is now a Dutch actor who casts an audience in the series of Guardians of the Galaxy, has had the voice to make a return to the WWE so it could be a final race and the stars could be aligned right here .

Triple H seems to be returning to full physical fitness after suffering a pectoral in Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia in November and Batista plays a leading role in what could be the biggest blockbuster in the summer – Avengers: Endgame .

The exhibition of a road to WrestleMania returns with a huge potential game and a massive movie to connect could be hard to resist Big Dave.

Heavyweight champion IWGP of NJPW, Kenny Omega

6. Kenny Omega

Other potential surprises are WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, the former WWE Bray Wyatt champion, veteran Tatanka legend (who has been training with Bray and made a nostalgic appearance at the 2006 event).

However, no one would have rocked the world of the fight more than the out of the contract, the new icon of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Kenny Omega.

Unless Vince McMahon has released a lot of money to Kenny and offered him a light calendar, I think that some salt is needed when we talk about The Cleaner making an appearance.

Having said that, it is said that the IWGP Heavyweight champion has rejected an IMPACT Wrestling offer and has been linked to the new adventure of Cody Rhodes and Shahid Khan, All Elite Wrestling, so there is no doubt that there is a lot of interest in the hottest. free agent of the game.

He is one of the most gifted interpreters in the world and is in the back of a great time in Japan, so maybe at the age of 35, it's time for the Canadian to follow the steps of # 39 ; AJ Styles.

See WWE Royal Rumble 2019 at the WWE Network or Sky Sports Box Office at midnight on Sunday, January 27.

You can follow all the action as in the Mirror Sport WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Live Blog.

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