Sunday , November 29 2020

Win the Bounty Hunter in tears, since the last days of Beth's cancer battle will be transmitted

The final days of Beth Chapman will be shown in an emotional episode of "Dog's Most Wanted."

Duane Chapman, who is called Dog the Bounty Hunter, will fight with tears while his wife shows the fighting spirit that he liked a legion of television enthusiasts.

In a trailer for the new documentary, Beth defies his terminal condition, saying: "Once discovered that it is an incurable lung cancer … there are no five stages.

"If I'm going to die, I'll die in the boats."

Dog the Bounty Hunter faces an emotional moment

Duane next to the bed of his wife's hospital

His exciting husband has tears in his eyes when he tells the camera: "I love you and I will do anything for her."

The trailer begins with Duane, 66, and his team with a prayer session, which has become a synonym for the show.

Beth speaks

Prayings are made for Beth

He then shows Beth, 51, in the hospital bed while fighting his last days against cancer, while Duane consoled her.

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It has been less than a month since Beth happened on June 26 for lung and throat cancer and Duane continues to cry his loss.

Dog the Bounty Hunter remembers his wife Beth Chapman almost a month after his death

The last days of Beth will be documented

He published a sweet photo in his memory during the weekend, in which he sees that Beth relaxes in a chair before dying, with only 51 years.

He subtitled the photo: "My baby"

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