Friday , May 20 2022

Zanu Pf joined the massive membership of the membership


Bi Ovn Correspondent| The Province of Zan-PF Midlands launched a massive recruitment of party members aiming to issue 800,000 membership cards in the province.

In an interview with the local daily newspaper after a meeting of the Provincial Coordinating Committee (PCC) on Sunday, spokesman for Zanu-PF Midlands, Cornelius Mpereri, said that the province has so far registered 28,000 in the electronic registration of members registration.

Mepereri said that an electronic membership card, containing personal information, including a picture and an electronic chip, would also be linked to the bank account of the owner to allow automatic subscriptions.

The local diary announced that POSB will monitor and approve all financial transactions that are executed using debit cards that also contain account numbers. Each card costs $ 3. – StateMedia

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